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SophiaSmithUK – Im Better Than You

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I know that you really enjoy a gorgeous, feminine beauty like myself in uniform. That s definitely not a secret, and who can blame you? We both know I m delightfully attractive. You, on the other hand, weren t first in line to be as gifted as I. But that s okay. I m sure you ve got so many other awesome qualities. Although, I can t think of any I m sure you must have some, don t you? You know what? Some people are just in the upper echelons of society, and some are in the lower echelons. We know where I am… and we know where you are. And that s okay because we know that someone like you would never have a chance with someone like me. Oh, gosh! You probably think I m really mean! I m not mean. I m just really good at being honest. I m actually doing you a favor. It s almost like being in therapy. Sadly, you ll never be able to have somebody like me. I like reminding you how I m superior. It makes me feel good. I m afraid it s too late for you. You re far along on t # SophiaSmithUK

Videolänge: 9.99


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